Set/ Habitat/ Body/ Process

Whitechapel Gallery

An annual programme of sessions running in parallel with the exhibitions at The Whitechapel Gallery  Working with community groups from across East London including Crisis/ Create/ PowerHouse/ Attlee/ Headway and Claremont.

2020/21 Process/Protect
Exhibition Exercising Freedom: Encounters with Art, Artists and Communities

Stitch/ Embroider the word DO repeatedly into a garment you wear often.
Read the Letter from Sol Le Witt to Eva Hesse

Make a drawing of circles.
Cut it in half and repair with a zip.

Wrap, bind and knot wool around household objects.

Make a hat out of something found.
See Eileen Agar’s hats forinspiration.

Repeat and re redesign the facemask x19 times.
Eva Hesse Repetition Nineteen III 1968.

Fold swans and other animals from towels.

Using a pair of gloves create a two ended sculpture
Connect them with a 2m long cord

Get someone to wiggle a string or drop it on the floor
Draw it over and over

2019/20 Body/ Rescue
Exhibition Radical Figures

Swim on Land
Make boats that sit in the palm of your hand
Keep a daily diary of images of water
Collect Movement

2018/19 Habitat
Habitat/ Table 3/3
Exhibition Michael Rakowitz

Habitat/Tomorrow 2/3
Exhibition- Is this tomorrow

Habitat/Water 1/3
Exhibition- Elmgreen & Dragset


2017/18 Set

Booklet BackFront Booklet

Set/Rhythm 3/3
Exhibition- London Open

Set/Collect 2/3
Exhibition- Mark Dion

Set/Series 1/3
Exhibition- Thomas Ruff