#Ooh0 #266

#Ooh0 #266 is a growing portable collection of #266 (the same number of objects collected by the last Pierrot in Paris ) loosely circular ‘Relational Objects’ (artist Lygia Clark created objects that enabled people to engage, connect and heal each each other). The collection is fluid, active and un precious. Acquisitions are sourced or created in collaboration with others. Things that break are mended. Other things are transformed, arranged and adapted. Often things are given away and replaced or remembered. An inaccurate log of the journey of the collection can be found on instagram #Ooh0 #266. If you have a suggestion for the collection please do let us know.

#Ooh0 #266 30/30 APRIL 2020
Every day in April #Ooh0 #266 will publish a stimulus, these are in no way challenges but gentle invitations to make if you choose to.
These stimuli are inspired by the #Ooh0 #266 collection and co-devised with people who I have or do work with in different places. As much as possible things will be published on the day we ordinarily meet. There will also be stimuli from Artists I know and don’t know.
Everything can be made using everyday things you have at home; can get from a supermarket or can find in the garden or street. If not please improvise.
Some take a long time some are very short.
If you do want to share please do ( by posting directly on Instagram using the hashtag #Ooh0 or by e-mail and I will post for you) but there is no obligation to do so.

Mondays- Blank Canvas (Beyond Classification)/ Turner Contemporary (Past).
Tuesdays- Community Groups / Whitechapel Gallery (Present)
Wednesdays- The Kettlers / Kettles Yard (Present)
Thursdays- Guest Groups (Past/ Present)
Fridays- Guest Artists- I don’t know (Past)
Saturdays- Saturday Socials/ Cubitt Gallery (Present)
Sundays- Guest Artists- I know (Present)

#Ooh0 #266 1/30 APRIL 2020

1 Create a tactile table collage, include cutlery, something floral, a shell and a biscuit.
#Coral Blush / Kettlers/ Kettles Yard

#Ooh0 #266 04/09/19

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