Blank Canvas (Beyond Classification)

Turner Contemporary
Blank Canvas (beyond classification) are a group of people of all ages who are serious about spontaneity and play. For 9 1/2 years they met every Tuesday from 4.30-6.30. They now meet every Sunday from 10-12 (focus on the 2nd Sunday of the month) to follow what they are up to right now please click here Blank Canvas .

PUBLICATION/ EXHIBITIONBlank_Canvas_publication

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BC BIO 2017/18

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21 Make a mask from an egg box.

20 Paint an egg with you choice of clown makeup.

19 Make Oobleck from cornflour, water and food colouring. Observe and write about it.

18 Make an origami Octopus. If each leg can operate independently what do your eight legs do?

17 Make a device using mirrors that will make something solid or still move.

16 Make a puddle from a fluid material that will dry solid.

15 Cut out fluid shapes from coloured acetate. Arrange them on the horizon.

14 Do/ make something with a standard plastic water bottle.

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13 Get a group of people together in a place where they can see the sea. Using a washing line, clingfilm, ink, paper, scrim, water and silver tape create the sea.

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12 Using only a blue plastic bag make something that resembles water.

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11 Carve a soap allowing a natural form to emerge. Use the soap and record its changing states.

Mac E. Arto
Was rumoured to exist in Milan between 1926 and 2010, the conceptual artist is believed to have worked in imagining flavours and influencing taste amongst bohemian bankers, Whether he really existed is subject to conjecture, several universities have researched evidence as to whether this was in fact a person or simply the collective myths of the middles classes during this period.
Flavour Art has since become fashionable again in recent times such as the “Lick It” exhibition in Zurich and “Suck it and see” biennial in Swansea.
The influence of Mac E. Arto has reached as far as Hoxton and Seattle for example the Starbucks logo is apparently based upon graffiti reported to be created by Mac E. Arto and painted on the walls of the Milan train station.

Su is a mime-artist who began her career in the early 21st century.  Originally inspired by Marcel Marceau, she also took ideas for her unusual acts from the slapstick comedy of Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin.  Because of watching their films she decided to always perform wearing just black and white; the only exception to this was the occasional use of a ‘dash’ of grey! She studied various forms of dance abroad but now concentrates entirely on mime and, living as she does by the sea, sometimes even performs her shows in water; giving a floating, ethereal quality to her work. 

10 Write and imaginary biography, up to 500 words. (Alan)
9 Create a wet on wet en plein air watercolour painting. (Marion)
8 Make a book recording a walk. (Mandy)
7 Imprint something into a natural surface, sand, mud, plaster etc. (Andrea)
6 Decoupage something you have had for a long time in images of nature. (Maureen)

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5 Create a floral composition for someone using flowers/ plants and small vessels/ objects. *inspired by a flower with love by Bruno Munari

Do something wild and and free without order or logic.

Create a cyanotype (sun print) using a natural object or one that imitates nature. Combine this image into a painting to hang in your house. (Gemma)

2 Take up to 12 images of representations of plants, animals or the landscape in one room of your house. Turn these images into a giph.

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1 Imagine you are made up of a plant, animal or part of the landscape. Turn yourself into a screen and project your chosen image onto yourself.

A Calming Stone 2016

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ETNA 2014/15

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ETNA was a partnership project exploring technologies and new approaches in art education for senior adults. BC spent 18 months visiting and working with six organisations across Europe.

Etagram 2011

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Etagram is Margate backwards, Etagram exists in parallel to Margate, it is an elastic place. It sits as a transparent layer above or in front of Margate. If you were to visit, you would find elements of the past present and future sitting alongside each other.

As an imagined place it highlights the groups aspirations for the development of the town, there fears for the things that might be lost as well as real leaps of the imagination. The map and Fanzine were both on display in the learning studio for the opening of Turner Contemporary in April 2011.

Times of our Lives 2010

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Local young (13-25) and older (60 and over) people came together to share their experiences of being a teenager. Through Time of Our Lives they worked together to create art work, gather and write stories, develop new skills and meet new people.

The final exhibition celebrating the achievements of everyone involved in this intergenerational project was held in March 2010 in Droit House on Margate pier. The exhibition featured the hybrid teenage bedroom created by the group and the ‘interactive teenage bedroom’ created with the University of Kent.